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Grab It High, Grab It Low No more reaching, bending or straining for things high or low. Grab It™ goes where you can't go! Now, you don't need a step stool or to climb dangerously on a chair to reach for items on high shelves or in cabinets. And, you can save your back from reaching for objects on the floor. Just a Click to Grab It Quick! Grab It is lightweight, yet strong enough to lift up to 5 lbs. It has an ergonomic grip and locking ratchet design. Just a click on the grip and items stay locked in – no continuous squeezing to hold objects. The head also swivels 90° to reach tight areas. Features a built-in magnet, hook and LED light, plus it folds for easy storage. Ideal for the home, office and more! Great for those with dexterity or mobility issues.

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