Type-r 5 Inch Rpm / Tachometer, Water Temp, Oil Temp & Oil Pressure 4 In 1

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RS. 7900 RS. 5200

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TYPE-R 5 inch RPM / Tachometer, Water Temp, Oil Temp & Oil Pressure 4 in 1 With Shift light Type R Gauges provides reliable, unique and competitively priced automotive aftermarket products. The companys corporate objective solely remains to supply the customer with trustworthy, innovative and affordable products. Type R Gauges offers customers a vast selection of performance gauges in many different styles as Steering wheel accessories developed directly with the car enthusiast in mind. Application Operates on standard, factory electronic and high performance electronic racing ignitions-works for 4, 6, 8 cylinder engine only Adjustable shift light light up in red Additional Oil Pressure, Water Temp, OIl Temp Gauges Unit: in Standard, PSI, and F Comes with all necessary sensor units Adjustable shift light light up in red Exactly Same as the Picture Below Comes with Mounting brackets and Shift light Easy to install Professional Installer Is Highly Recommend

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