Wonder hangers - Magical Cascading Hangers, Space Saving Solution for Your Closet

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Wonder Hanger We all struggle for space in our wardrobes and anything that increases hanging space is welcomed by us. The Wonder Hanger is a true wonder, in the sense that it compresses the number of clothes on a rail giving you more space to hang, that's right, even more clothes! Use the Wonder Hanger and triple your space. It works by holding up to five garments on each one and when released will hang vertically becoming compact and space efficient. A unique hanging solution that instantly increases storage space - in any wardrobe. Not only limited to hanging clothes, you can hang bags, belts, ties and accessories. For those who like things to be kept tidy and organised this is ideal, helping to ease an ever-expanding wardrobe. Perfect for those with limited wardrobe space. The Wonder Hanger will help you with the laundry too as it will keep freshly laundered clothes neat, tidy and crease free. No more cramped and untidy wardrobes!

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